Hai, welcome to my supa kool site. B-) Here I aim to improve my html/css skills, share my ramblings, and lurk the web. Inturn, I invite you to browse through my part of the web. :3c

This isn't my first rodeo with HTML, I'm expirienced but no expert. The internet has been a personal escape from the real world for years, and finally I've decided to make a personal retreat. I enjoy horror movies and games, FPS games, industial metal, body modifications, insects and animals (especially rats), true crime (not in the menopausal millenial way..) and politics, to an extent. I don't see myself in the typical "Left, Center or Right" planes, Plus I find the microidentification shit to be redundant and a way to divide the simple minded. I've always found politics to be idiotic, especially when modern presidency is just "bad guy in red, same exact bad guy but in blue." I truly hate our modern world. As Professor Ted K. would say, "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.", And as Professora Genesis Necrodog would say, "The human race and it's industrialization have been a disaster for the world." :3c

On a lighter note! I have hopes that this site, amongst other projects and learning travesties, I'll be able to make this site less clunky looking. This site doesn't look anywhere near what I had in mind for it, but I'm atleast working on figuring out the basics, before I go on to really polish it up. The site as it is now is only about half of what I want it to be. Soon enough I'll flesh it out better.